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We  moved to Mas Bellonte, in the beautiful foothills of the Pyrenees, from the South Coast of Dorset, where we had lived for the last twenty years, in November 2004.

Malcolm had left behind a career in IT consultancy and project management and Lynn in sports injury massage and remedial therapy.

We discovered the Mas on a potential house finding trip in March 2004 and it was literally the first house which we saw on that trip.  As the French say, it was a "coup de coeur"- love at first sight !  After some typically prolonged French purchase negotiations, the property became ours in July of 2004, and, after selling our Dorset home, the big move to France occurred in late November 2004.

Having travelled to many countries around the world, France has been the only place that we kept going back to.  Lynn has studied the French language for many years and our love of the country, its people and lifestyle and most importantly, mountains, eventually led us down to the Pyrenees.  The region has the added benefits of being bordered on one side by the Mediterranean, the sea featuring highly in our lives in Dorset, and being in the sunniest corner of France .

Our arrival here was greeted with one of the coldest winters in the region for many years which was a real  test for our constitution until some form of heating was re-established just before the family arrived for our first Christmas!

Although we had no need to do any major structural changes to the property we took on a massive undertaking with electrics, plumbing and other renovation work.  Over the past twenty or so years, the property had never been lived in full time.

The main house has nearly been finished and we are looking forward to spending more time on the grounds around the Mas which were once, in the lifetime of Maurice Bellonte, its first occupant, lovingly set out and tended by gardeners.  We are still surprised by new discoveries of trees and shrubs as our work progresses further out from the house.

Outdoor pursuits and a love for the outdoors have always featured in our lives, running, walking, skiing etc. and these interests have been passed on to our two daughters, who along with their partners, are avid runners, cyclists, tri-athletes and climbers.  Needless to say, everyone loves coming to Bellonte, where so many activities are catered for. It is ideal for training and has helped prepare some of its visitors for marathons, triathlons and other endurance events

We think that this is the perfect setting for just relaxing, walking or serious training and are sure that you will agree with us when you next visit.

2009 Mas Bellonte

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